Re-Purposed Glass

So what do you do with broken glass? I’m guessing like most you throw it away. With Pinterest now, you can find dozens of ways to repurpose anything you break. We live in a society of if it breaks get rid of it.

I think we do that with ourselves a lot too. We let our insecurities and what we see as failures determine our worth instead of trusting in God’s perception of us. We let our fears stand in the way of what God has planned for us because we think “I’m such a screw up how can God possibly use me now?” Or “I don’t think I can do this, even with Gods help, He gave me more than I can deal with.” We need to go from a Jonah mindset to the mindset of Samuel saying “here I am send me” instead of hiding from God and His dreams for us.

How do you think Saul felt, before he became Paul? Read it over in Acts 9. Saul was a known persecuter of believers. He made death threats. He scared people. Later in Acts 9 you see him going to join the disciples- some of the most iconic followers of Jesus. The disciples didn’t believe him! They only knew his past and it took Barnabas to tell the disciples how Saul had changed and that he was now an instrument of the Lord. 

I’ve been in places where I felt more harassed by other Christians and more judged by them than I did non-believers. The emotions that sprung from those situations made me judge myself even more. I was already in a low place of self doubt and just starting to trust in God again, and the very people who were supposed to welcome me back to the fold and encourage me in Christ were the ones who made my doubts and insecurities worse. I felt more shattered and broken than I did before I walked through the doors of what once was my “home church” and I was even doubting coming back to Christ. When we feel the most broken, when we feel attacked by those who we believe are supposed to support us, that’s when we need our hope for something better and our faith in Christ the most!

Everyday, we need to thank God that He can use all of our broken pieces. Be grateful that He can and wants to repurpose you into something different. Trust His plan for you, He will always come through.


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