Sunday Praise

Today will be short. I went to a place that for years gave me an overwhelming sense of fear. A place where I had felt hurt and abandoned. A place where usually all my “not good enough” vibes cripple me. If you’ve read my other posts, you’d know that I’m talking about the church I grew up in. I went there for my mom initially but found that I also went there in some way for myself. Earlier this week I finally gave the hurts and anxiety from that church over to God. And this time, I laid down more than my anxiety, I laid down my pride of how I was wrongfully treated. 

There were faces I knew and many more that were unfamiliar. I was still uncomfortable in that building for a church service, but I felt this insane level of peace. God was protecting me as soon as I parked.

No, I am not saying I was protected from the church, but that I was protected from allowing Satan to use my past at the church to hurt me. 

It’s not just about casting your anxieties on Jesus. You need to let go of all the pride that you hold with those anxieties.

I was prideful because I was right and the church was wrong- at least that’s what I let live in my heart for so long after being hurt by a few people over the years I attended there. For a while, that’s the part I held onto- the pride because it made the hurt less.

God, thank you. Thank you for finally helping me give up the pride I held onto from the hurt. Thank you for protecting me from Satans attacks walking into a building where I had some bad memories today.

God answers prayer people.✝️


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