Worth It

Psalm 40:2- He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet on a rock, making my steps secure.

A little while back I wrote a post titled “You Are Worth the Cross” and I still stand by that post.  I’ve taken a few days off from posting because there is someone very special to me that doubts that God can and does forgive.

Let’s start at the dawn of time, the spark of creation. Eve was tempted, ate the fruit from the one forbidden tree.  When God went to visit his friends Adam and Eve in Eden, he couldn’t find them- they were hiding because they were naked, and not just because they were naked but because they only knew they were naked because they ate from the one tree, the one place God asked to not get food from.

God forgave Adam.  God forgave Eve. Right there from the beginning of mankind, God forgave those who sinned.  He forgave the first sinners who literally, they could do anything they wanted but eat from that one stupid tree.  They ate from it anyway.

I do it too.  God says “no” and sometimes I still say “yessssss” just like a parent telling you to not lick an electrical outlet or touch a hot stove.  When God says no, He really has our best interests in mind.  When we disobey, yeah there are consequences but He forgives us every single time and keeps re-writing our story.

Remember David?  The tiny, lowly shepherd who God used to bring down the massive Goliath?  David eventually became king.  Well good old David saw a woman he liked, and slept with her- this lady was already married.  So he coveted, committed adultery and then had her husband killed.  I know God sees sin and sin and nothing is worse than other things in His mind, aka you break one Commandment you break them all, but David went to town.  In time, David repented, and God forgave him.

You remember the woman at the well that Jesus asked for a drink from and promised her living water in return?  The one with multiple husbands who probably had a bad reputation? God forgave her.

Meet me.  I grew up in a Christian home, did all the youth group stuff, only listened to Christian music, did missions…I made a mess of my life as a young adult.  I made choices that I am not proud of, even to this day.  God forgave me.  I know that God can use all the stupid choices I made and use them for HIS glory.  I also know that I forgave myself.

I think that’s it for a lot of people.  I mean there are examples all over the Bible of God’s forgiveness. I think we know it in our heads that God forgives us, but we won’t let our hearts accept His forgiveness because we don’t even forgive ourselves.  It all goes back to getting to a place where you can let God have your baggage. The first step is letting go and forgiving yourself.  Only then can you truly be able to accept God’s forgiveness.

There is nothing you have done that keeps you away from God’s grace if you repent and ask for His forgiveness.  In God’s eyes, you are worth the nails, the lashes, the crown of thorns.  YOU ARE WORTH THE CROSS.

Write it down.  Put it all over your life- in your car, on the bathroom mirror, desk computer: I AM WORTH THE CROSS.

From the Inside Out (Phillips, Craig & Dean)
There’s Nothing My God Cannot Do (Charles Billingsley)
Rescue (Desperation Band)
Nothing is Wasted (Jason Gray)
King of my Heart (Love and the Outcome)
All I Need is You (OBB)
Lay Down My Guns (Sanctus Real)
I Just Need You (Telecast)
Chain Breaker (Zach Williams)
My Glorious (Worth Dying For)
Day One (Matthew West)


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