United We Stand

I read an article that blamed “white Christians” for the election of Donald Trump. Mainly because of this sentence. Not all white Christians voted Trump. Most of the ones I know voted Johnson or Clinton honestly. 

I agree that there are many things wrong in the world. There are many things wrong in the church and more “white Christians” have been protesting in their own church, even leaving their church. I know this sentence says “especially those who voted Trump.” But depending on how you read it, it could be interpreted as “all white Christians even if you didn’t vote Trump.” My first time reading it that’s how I felt. I’ve preached unity and community far before this election and will continue to as well. Many of the “white Christians” I know are in similar places as myself. We don’t support Trump, but we do believe that God has a plan for whatever is coming. Right now honestly that blind trust is not easy. I’m terrified for friends, family, and even myself. I am far from perfect. I think there are many factors at fault that led to this outcome but I do not believe blaming a group of people is the right thing to do just based on a generalization. 

Maybe I’m naive. I really think as Americans it is up to us to bind together. It is up to us to fix our nation together. Not one general group of people needs to be the sole fixer, and not one general group of people should be to blame. In order to move forward we need to work together. 

Will I continue to be an ally to the LGBTQ+? Yes. People are people. Humans all have rights and as American citizens we need to protect those rights for ALL Americans. Being a Christian does not entitle us to judge others but calls us to love others. Show compassion. Be a shoulder to cry on. If I can help someone feel safe, I will. If I can protect someone from being harassed I will. 

No matter what group or generalization of people you enter, there are bullies. There are jerks. Do I think churches need to really get out there and minister to those hurting or living in fear because of the election results- yes I do. Do I believe that anyone should be persecuted for their beliefs- no.

I used to be a very in your face Christian as a kid. I was abrasive and constantly flaunted my Christianity. I have found as I have matured that being a Christian has nothing to do with screaming the Bible at people or arguing over beliefs. I do think it has everything to do with extending love, grace, and acceptance to all people. 

Christians reading this who think people have nothing to be afraid of with Trump being the projected President elect, you are wrong. There is a lot to lose and be afraid of. Think about America’s history- one of the main reasons we came to this new land was to be free from oppression. Don’t bring down others because you don’t agree with their beliefs or lifestyle. Be there for them and encourage them. Give them the strength they need to get through the day and all the days ahead. Show them understanding and compassion. 

Non-Christians reading this who think I’m narrow-minded or part of the problem, I am sorry you feel that way, but most likely you don’t know me. You don’t want to live in fear, neither do I. I also don’t want you to live in fear. Name calling and playing the blame game will not help. Find people who care and lean on them. 


2 thoughts on “United We Stand

  1. I’m a Christian who voted for Trump, mainly because he was the better of two flawed candidates. II think the reaction to his election is very sad,especially by his supporters. I firmly believe you will see


  2. All the retohric calm down, and wise decisions will be made on pressing issues. I hope Trump will address his supporters soon and urge them to stop the bullying


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